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PET Heat Transfer Tape for Electronic Component Attachment

This high-quality heat transfer tape is designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity, strong adhesion and electrical insulation, making it ideal for a variety of electronic applications.

Our heat transfer tape is specifically designed to connect electronic components such as computer motherboards, video graphics cards, and more. With its excellent thermal conductivity, it effectively moves heat away from critical electronic components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The strong adhesive power of the tape ensures that components remain securely connected even in high-temperature environments.

One of the main advantages of our PET heat transfer tapes is their excellent electrical insulation properties. This ensures that the tape provides a reliable barrier to electrical current, preventing any potential short circuits and ensuring safe and efficient operation of electronic equipment.


    In addition to impressive performance, our heat transfer tapes are manufactured by reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. This ensures you have confidence in the quality and reliability of your product, giving you peace of mind that your electronic components are in safe hands.

    Whether you are an electronics industry professional or a DIY enthusiast, our PET heat transfer tapes are the perfect choice for all your thermal management needs. Its versatility and superior performance make it suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a must-have for anyone working with electronic components.


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