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Thin Double-Sided Waterproof Tape

This lightweight and flexible tape is designed to provide a tight seal against dust and moisture, making it ideal for use on electronics, mobile phones and computers.

The tape is ultra-thin, just a few microns thick, making it easy to apply in tight spaces and ensures a seamless, professional finish. Its double-sided adhesive properties make it ideal for securing delicate electronic components such as speaker pads, LCD cameras, and PDAs without the need for messy glue or adhesives.

Our tapes are also easily die-cut, offering customization options to meet your specific repair and maintenance needs. Whether you need to create a custom size or shape for a specific application, our tapes can be easily cut and shaped to fit any requirement.


    In addition to its ultra-thin design, this tape is waterproof for long-lasting moisture protection. This makes it a perfect choice for outdoor electronics and devices that are frequently exposed to water or spills.

    Our tape's dust-resistant properties further enhance its durability, ensuring delicate electronic components are protected from damaging particles and debris. This is especially important for phones and computers, as dust and dirt can cause long-term damage to sensitive internal components.

    Our ultra-thin double-sided waterproof tape is a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of electronic and device repair needs. 
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    Item No Carrier Adhesive Thickness(mm) Adhesion (N/25mm) Holding Power(Hour) Heat resisitance
    6015W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.15 15 >48   -30℃-80℃
    6020W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.2 17 >48   -30℃-80℃
    6025W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.25 17 >48   -30℃-80℃
    6030W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.3 17 >48   -30℃-80℃
    6040W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.4 18 >48   -30℃-80℃
    6050W/B/JS ultrathin PE foam Solvent Acrylic 0.5 19 >48   -30℃-80℃